The purpose of gutter and downspout systems is mainly to protect your roof and home from damage. A gutter system that is working properly will easily channel water away from your home and its foundation.

In my more than 20 years experience I have found that while PVC is a good material for downpipes and stormwater systems. However, plastic guttering cannot cope with the harsh Australian conditions and fails soon and easily.

Once this happens, your home will gradually sustain damage. Moisture and rain water get into soffits and fascias. Once this occurs, it’s very easy for mold, mildew and ‘dry-rot’ to grow. It accumulates causing more and more damage. This is a condition we’ve seen many times in older homes.

A lot of us settle into their home and forget that it needs regular maintenance. We get busy with work and the family and just forget about the gutters and roof. Even when things go wrong we often don’t notice it until we have a lot of so called ‘subsequential’ and often expensive damage. Once you notice a problem, chances are that it has developed over time and there are also underlying issues.

Faulty gutters can also lead to soil erosion and effect the basement, foundation and/or crawl spaces. These are areas where you would ideally never want to allow moisture or rainwater. Did you know that it is water that attracts termites to your home. And the damage that they do to the structure of your home can be massive.

A well functioning gutter system can take a great deal of abuse from extreme weather conditions. And South Australia is well known for its extreme storms. If you have plastic guttering on your home, it has most likely already leaked for a long time and should be replaced quickly before it causes too much damage to the underlying structure.

At Joe Haffer Roofing, we come out and inspect your old guttering and estimate the cost of replacing it. Where necessary we will completely redesign the old gutters and downpipes into a well functioning system that protects your home from the elements.

Preparing for storm season each year should include a professional inspection of your gutters. The cost of this in low when compared to the damage your home could sustain during just one big storm. We work all over the Adelaide Metropolitan area and the Adelaide Hills, so please call Joe Haffer Roofing to learn more about replacing your old plastic guttering.