Adelaide Roofing Expert Joe Haffer runs Australian Home Roofing which is a family owned business with decades of experience, specialising in customised roofing solutions for homes just like yours.

25 years ago Joe started cutting his teeth as a troubleshooting roofing expert in the Adelaide Hills. Not only did the Adelaide Hills reflect the strong sense of community and family values that Australian Home Roofing does as well, there were also some of the toughest conditions to contend with. From the blistering sunrays and heatwaves to the torrential downpours; from the explosive leaf debris and pine needle build-ups to the howling winds blowing the leaves and rain about unpredictably, the Adelaide Hills always had the most extreme to throw at us.
From the remotest farmhouse or shed, the steepest church or the most eccentrically built dome roof or bungalow, the Adelaide Hills certainly taught us to adopt a holistic approach to roofing, and acknowledge that no two jobs can ever be approached exactly the same.

Joe also has a ‘no job too big or small’ philosophy which has applied to everything from the smallest rectification to the 12,494m² reroof of Le Cornu’s. The number of small troubleshooting jobs and leak repairs which Joe has carried out over the years as a result of this mentality are plenty, and Joe regards much of this work as his most invaluable experience. Not only have they taught him how to identify and solve almost every roofing problem under the sun; they have also taught him how to avoid these same common missteps when carrying out complete solutions himself.

With the success experienced in the earlier years, expansion was inevitable. However it has always remained imperative to us that expansion never came at the cost of quality. That’s why Joe has always maintained the importance of handpicking our roofers himself, and supervising the quality of all our work himself.
Now servicing all of metropolitan Adelaide as well as the Adelaide Hills and even rural South Australia in some cases, we have worked hard to ensure that all of our values have remained strong. As a family business without a large media brand name, we have always relied on word of mouth, so keeping our strong core of integrity has always been essential. We take a lot of pride in our customised approach, catering both to the needs of your home and the individualised needs of you and your family.

Do you have a roof that needs reroofing or fixing? Gutters that need re-guttering or leaf protection? Are you after a roof restoration or ventilation solution? Is it a stormwater or drainage problem? Or would you like to build a verandah/carport/pergola that you can be confident with? Do you need advice on the state of your roof? Whatever it is 

Lets Talk!

We will provide you with a fully documented report complete with photos so you can understand exactly where the problem areas are without having to climb up yourself. You will receive your quote with options to suit your needs and our qualified tradesmen are happy to sit down with you and explain in detail exactly what we are recommending, how your roof needs to be approached and why. Call us now for advice and solutions that take away the guesswork and experience the peace of mind for yourself!