Our trade qualified staff offer a complete range of roof repair services throughout Adelaide which each job able to be customised depending on the unique situation. Some common examples of roof repairs we do include:

– Insurance work
– Storm damage
– Falling tree limbs
– Burglaries
– Damage caused by previous shoddy roofers

Transforming your roof from leaking asbestos to seamless Colorbond.
Changing your asbestos roof to a new Colorbond one not only enhances the appearance of your home, it also gets rid of this toxic liability. Our roofers are trained in how to safely deal with this dangerous substance and ensure particles do not get into your roof cavity and inside your house

Gutters are designed to direct the water from your roof away from your home and its foundation.
Excessive rainfall that is allowed to fall directly off the roof can wash out the soil around your home’s foundation. That means expensive damage to the foundation itself, not to mention flower beds, hedges and other vegetation surrounding your home. It can also result in costly damage to the siding or stucco.

A proper roof ventilation system can have a huge effect on your family from an energy consumption point of view.

An unventilated roof space can attract moisture from common household activities. This moisture builds up and eventually causes damage to the interior structure of the roof. This leaves the underside of your roof open to wood rot, termites, mold, pests and insects of all kinds. Many unpleasant things are attracted to warm, moist air.


Did you know… why there are green/black tinges on your roof. These are often forms of mould and lichen moss, which could seriously affect your health or cause leaks in your roof.

Roof Restoration

The roof is leaking and not economical to repair: The roof is not functioning correctly; The roof tiles let in too much dust and is too hot; The roof does not look good; You are extending and want a uniform look.
Whatever your reasons, we know enough about all the various options that we can work something out to suit your needs.

Roof Conversion

Is a tiled roof better than a steel roof?