Adelaide Roof Repairs – We are the Experts

Our trade qualified staff offer a complete range of roof repair services throughout Adelaide which each job able to be customised depending on the unique situation. Some common examples of roof repairs we do include:

– Insurance work
– Storm damage
– Falling tree limbs
– Burglaries
– Damage caused by previous shoddy roofers

When you notice damage to your roof via either a visual inspection or a sudden realisation there is a leak when water is getting inside the house we are here to help. The first step thing we do when we come to your property in a full inspection so we can identify exactly what is damaged so we can provide you with a full quote prior to any work commencing. Our process is designed to be completely up front with our clients regarding the cost so we can help you make a decision regarding how best to proceed. In some cases, especially when dealing with older tiled roofs, it can be more economical to simply upgrade to a newer product than continue to try to fix the antiquated one. Our job is to help provide you with the options and the costs so you can make an informed decision about how you would like to proceed.

If you have any concerns regarding the state of your roof give us a call today and one of our friendly staff will be happy to assist.

You may wonder how our lead roofers passion as a bridge player helps him to successfully fix leaking roofs.  The answer is that Joe has been able to transfer his problem analysing skills to find leaks in some very tricky situations.  To date he has been baffled by some leaks, however in the end Joe has always been able to eliminate the cause of the problem and keep the customer’s home dry.