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Do you need help with your guttering?

Gutters are designed to direct the water from your roof away from your home and its foundation. Excessive rainfall that is allowed to fall directly off the roof can wash out the soil around your home’s foundation. That means expensive damage to the foundation itself, not to mention flower beds, hedges and other vegetation surrounding your home. It can also result in costly damage to the siding or stucco.

Gutters are the perfect solution. They funnel the water in an orderly fashion off the roof and into areas that are prepared for it. The problem comes when the gutters get clogged with leaves, dirt and other debris. This can cause water to overflow and run underneath the roof causing leaks in various rooms of your home and rotting the timbers on your precious home.  This is often hidden and only becomes obvious when major damage has already occurred.

Clogged gutters will begin to deteriorate. When rotting leaves and debris build up in a gutter, they weaken its structure and before you know it, the gutter will begin to sag and pull away from the roof. This can cause structural damage to your home’s roofline and again, leaking or damage to siding.

Leaves in Australia, especially from gum and pine trees, are very acidic.  This will cause dirty gutters to rust out long before they should. Especially if the gutters are not falling properly toward the downpipes, this exacerbate the problem.  I have seen new gutters rust out in as little as 6 and 8 years.

This brings me to another important point.  Blue Scope Steel does not distinguish between Colorbond® and Zincalume® steel in regards to their warranty.  However in my experience, Colorbond® gutter last twice as long as Zincalume® ones in gutter application.

To illustrate this point I often explain customers that a permapine structure will last longer if it is painted.  Similarly the Colorbond® coating will protect the Zincalume® steel.  Effectively any acidity will have to penetrate the Colorbond® first before it can even start to affect the Zincalume® steel.  And being made from polymer, it does not succumb to these harsh conditions easily.

I remember a home in Crafers in the Adelaide Hills.  It had only been build eight years earlier.  For some unknown reason the builder had used plain gutters on half the house, but Colorbond® ones on the other half.  There was hardly anything left of the plain gutters, while the Colorbond® ones were as good as new.

And they are not much more expensive.  Because of this, I strongly recommend Colorbond® gutters to all my customers, even if appearance is not important.  Many of our customers got Colorbond® gutters on their sheds and even to invisible boxgutters.  In my opinion of using Colorbond® steel on boxgutters is even more important because of the extremely high cost of their replacement and the disproportionally high damage that they can cause to the inside of your home.

Gutters provide ideal protection to the foundation as well as the roof and they’re not expensive to install. Many homeowners make the mistake of trying to do it themselves or hiring a cheap contractor to do the work. Before you know it, there are various problems. In some cases, the whole gutter system may need to be scrapped so that a professional can start over from scratch.

It is sad but true, that 90% of gutters in South Australia are not complying with the relevant Australian Standards.  Most roofing contractors probably have never really studied the Australian Standards and would be unable to explain to you where their guttering fails this test.

Gutters come in a number of colors, styles and sizes, making it easy to find something that blends in well with the architectural beauty of your home. Personally my favorite shape is the halfline or smoothline shape.  Halfline gutters give your home a modern look, carry more water than standard gutters and have some self cleaning capacity. The slotted profile also alleviates water in the gutter so that it drains out smoothly and does not backflow onto eaves while still concealing the end of the roofing material.

One of my pet hate is the installation of ‘scotia’ underneath the guttering.  As scotia traps water and speeds up the rotting of your fascia we generally will not re-use the existing scotia.

Joe Haffer – Adelaide Roofing installs top name brand guttering systems for maximum usage. We stand behind all our products and services with a full warranty.

Causing Foundation Problems

Have you had foundation problems in the past? Often foundation problems are partially due to no gutters or faulty gutters. One of the things that foundation specialists often recommend after repairing your foundation is the installation of a good guttering system.  Adelaide Roofing will come out and measure for your gutters, then help you find just the right style and color. We’ll make sure everything is installed properly so that it will give you many years of great service.

Old Plastic Gutters

This is a problem often experienced by Adelaide families who have trees hanging over or near the roof. Do not use cheap plastic coils in your gutter, they are sold in most of the generic hardware outlets and are great proof that you really do get what you par for in life. Rather than keeping your guttering safe, they actually keep the leaves in your gutters and prevent the efficient flow of rainwater. You need special gutters or effective gutter protection that covers the end of the roof before the gutter and over the top of the gutter to allow the wind to work in your favour by blowing the leaves off the roof. Let The Roofing Professionals handle that for you. When we complete a gutter replacement we do it with the best materials on offer, our work in high quality and effective, that’s our promise!

A box gutter is so called because it is usually boxed into the middle or edge of the roof where it collects water and discharges it into a downpipe system. A good box gutter will have an emergency overflow so that when the downpipes block up or the capacity of the box gutter is exceeded, the backed up water can escape outside the roof area. Without an overflow, the excess water will flow back into the roof area and inside the building!

The box gutter is the weakest link and care must be taken that it is draining correctly and does not become blocked. The best decision for a box gutter is to use a better material than the roof. This usually means a colorbond or stainless steel box gutter.