Regular maintenance is so important for your gutters. When you let them go for years, they can begin to rot, fall away from the house and collect all kinds of debris. When a rain storm hits, the water that cascades off the roof will start collecting and overflowing in the gutters. Water can be forced under the roofline and damage the roof. The heavy gutters full of debris and water will collapse.

There’s just no way to keep leaves out of a gutter unless you have some type of gutter guard. Our unique Leaf Protection system protects your gutters and ensures that they’ll be ready to go when you need them. Dirt, debris, insects and small animals won’t be able to get into them. Though your gutters will occasionally need to be cleaned, the process is simple and inexpensive and your gutters will not be affected by the usual elements.

Joe Haffer – Adelaide Roofing installs and maintains this leaf shield guard. Our high quality guttering and leaf protection system has been used all over rural South Australia and Adelaide with very good results. It has been proven to keep your gutters working properly year round and extend the life of your gutter system.

If you’re tired of battling constantly with leaves and such that clutter your gutter system, then this is a great solution. Our customised Leaf Protection system protects against 90% of the pine needles, seeds, leaves, dirt etc. that collects in your gutters. About every one to two years, you will need to flush out the gutters but the system has been designed to make this task very simple.

We’ve been in business for many years and have seen many types of gutter guards in use and our Leaf Protection System is far superior. It even protects your valleys and boxgutters, keeping them in proper working order. This is so important because overflowing valleys and boxgutters can damage the inside of your home.

If you’re ready to upgrade to a leaf guard system that really works, please call us and we’ll come out and explain the system in more detail. We can measure for a brand new guttering system if you need it and help you choose the right products for your particular situation. We take pride in helping homeowners get the products that are best for their home instead of wasting money on things they just don’t need.

Please contact Joe Haffer – Adelaide Roofing if you’d like more info about our Leaf Protection system or a whole new guttering system. We use the best products and guarantee all our work.