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Get the Best Gutter Repairs & Replacement Services by Adelaide Roofers

Gutters are essential for keeping the rainwater funneled into the right areas, but when they get clogged, it can cause some serious problems. Gutters can get clogged in many ways. Homes in the Adelaide area often have various trees around their property that drop their leaves, seeds and nuts at different times of years. These always seem to wind up in the gutters.

The best way to handle this is simply by having the gutters cleaned out annually. If you’ve been negligent about this chore, then you may need gutter repairs or replacement. Though this is one of those things we all often put off, a big rain storm might seriously damage your roof if your gutters aren’t working properly.

One thing that Adelaide homeowners often do is try to repair the gutters themselves. The average homeowner doesn’t have the correct tools to get the job done right. For some, being up on a ladder and moving around can be quite dangerous. One fall and you’re in the hospital with a broken leg. We also do not recommend using those cheap plastic coils in your gutters that are sold in most hardware stores. They prevent the efficient flow of rainwater and cause leaves to clog up more easily.

A box gutter is called this because it’s usually boxed into the middle or edge of the roof where it collects water and discharges it into a downpipe system. A good box gutter will have an emergency overflow so that when the downpipes block up or the capacity of the box gutter is exceeded, the backed up water can escape outside the roof area.

Without an overflow, the excess water will flow back into the roof area and inside the home. The box gutter is the weakest link and care must be taken that it is draining correctly and does not become blocked. The best choice for a box gutter is to use a better material than the roof. This usually means a Colorbond™ or stainless steel box gutter.

The Roofing Professionals at Joe Haffer Roofing are well equipped and experienced and we have the tools and expertise to do the job right. We use the best materials in all installations and repairs. Our work is fully guaranteed. We specialise in installing and repairing gutters and we can do a full inspection of all guttering to ensure that everything is functioning properly. We can also check for roof damage while performing our repairs.

Joe Haffer Roofing has been in business many years serving all of South Australia with excellent roofing, repairs, gutters and leaf protection systems. We have a great reputation because we do good work and stand behind all products and services. You’ll love working with true professionals who take pride in their work. Why not call us today for more info?

Why you Really Need Gutters?

Though some homeowners believe they can get by without properly installed gutters, the truth is that gutters offer a wide range of great benefits. Too much rain falling right off the roof’s edge will cause erosion in your yard. Your siding and foundation can also be affected. When you consider the cost, gutters are well worth the investment.

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One of the big issues that people have with gutters is that they get clogged with leaves, dirt and debris. Gutter guards are a good solution to fix this problem. The gutters will need regular maintenance but it’s very low cost. One of the big mistakes homeowners make is buying cheap plastic gutters. You’ll have much better success with a good quality product like Colorbond. This is a high quality steel product that has been coated and comes in 22 designer colors.

Colorbond gutters are durable and long-lasting. They’ll require less maintenance than other brands. With cheap plastic gutters, you’ll constantly be up on a ladder trying to repair a sagging gutter or downspout that’s come lose. Joe Haffer – Adelaide Roofing installs and maintains colorbond guttering and downspouts so they’re practically worry-free.

I think it’s also important to add that Colorbond manufactures roofing, sheds, carports and fence so you could use the same product all throughout your exterior and everything would match perfectly. This would improve your home’s value and give it a uniform look.

With the harsh weather often seen around Adelaide and wider South Australia, we always recommend top quality products for homeowners when it comes to roofing, gutters, carports and the like. Spend a little more upfront for an excellent product and you’ll eliminate many of the headaches and get dependable service for years.

If you need help selecting a type or style of gutter, we are happy to give customers the pros and cons of each style and share our experience with various products. We’ve been in the business for many years and have learned a few things during that time. For instance, the slotted profile drains better with less backflow. The halfline is a modern looking gutter that can carry a lot of water.

We install excellent guttering systems that can last for many years and we stand behind our products and services with a full warranty.  We come to your home and do the measuring so that everything fits properly. Please call us for more information about a new gutter system.