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Tiled Roof Cleaning

Majority of people are unaware of the importance of having their roof cleaned. Have you ever looked at your roof and wondered why there were green/black tinges on your roof.  These are often forms of mould and lichen moss. And the only signs of problems occuring could be if the occupants begin to have persistant headaches, nausea and respiratory problems etc. Mouldly buildings are known to present sometimes serious health risks to its occupants.

The quality of water that is captured by your roof can also be a problem. By simply cleaning the tiles of your roof may increase the street appeal and value of your house.

And finally, the moss or lichen can block the water channels on the joints of the tiles.  This can cause water to enter your roof space and create leaks.

Now most companies believe it is good enough to wash a roof with cold water.  We have never understood this.  Nobody that we have ever talked to would attempt to wash their dishes or clothes with cold water and expect them to be clean afterwards. 

So we have invested in custom made boiler systems that allow us to clean your roof with “steam” (well not quite, but the water is very, very hot).  This ensures that we get rid of ALL the dirt and residue off your roof.  No matter if it is sap, bird droppings or just general grime in the pores of your tiles, you can be assured that your roof is not only cleaned to the highests standard, but also kills the associated bacteria and ensures that your drinking water is safe (provided yor tank is not contaminated).

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