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Leaf Protection in Adelaide

Choosing a product that works for you and is guaranteed by us!

In order for your guttering system to work consistently year after year, you need regular maintenance. Gutters are a likely target for every type of debris that is carried by the winds. Leaves, twigs, pine needles, buds, seeds and dirt all wind up in your gutters at some time or other. Once that happens, the neighbourhood birds, squirrels and mice will find their way to your gutters and set up housekeeping.

That’s why we created our unique Leaf Protection. This system protects your gutters from all types of unwanted debris and vermin. If you’ve invested good money in a top-notch guttering system, then you’ll want to protect it from all the hazards that can weaken and damage it. When a big rain storm comes, you’ll know that your home is ready.

Guttering systems are great for protecting your roof but when they get clogged up or damaged, it can quickly cause multiple problems. At Joe Haffer –  Adelaide Roofing, we have worked with customers throughout Adelaide and all over rural South Australia providing them with high quality guttering and leaf protection systems.

During some seasons of the year, it can be a constant battle to prevent leaves and debris from cluttering up your gutters. With a leaf shield installed, you will no longer have to worry; your gutters will be protected. Our Leaf Protection System has been proven to extend the life of your gutter system and keep it working properly year-round. Many people believe that after they have installed a gutter guard, gutter cleaning will be a thing of the past.  Unfortunately this is not the case.  Although our leaf protection will keep out all leaves and about 90% of pine needles, there is still small dirt and dust will that will collect at the bottom of your guttering.  This means you should still flush out your gutters every one or two years.  And our system makes this easy to do.

Our Leaf Protection System has a unique design that gets fixed to the front of the gutter with a Colorbond® angle and follows the slope of the roof.

Because of this leaves will regularly get blown off pitched roofs, however it is far less effective on flat roofs and boxgutters. Our customised Leaf Protection System is the best gutter protection known to us.  The opening in the mesh is available 3.5 x 3.5 mm2 and unlike other gutter guards it will keep out 90% of pine needles and nearly all gum nuts.

As dust and some small dirt will still collect at the bottom of the gutters, the clever installation of inspection points allows flushing out of the gutters if and when it is required.

Unlike many other gutter guards, our leaf protection system can also protect your valleys and boxgutters.  Because of the location of the vallyes and boxgutters over your home, keeping them in proper working order is most important.  Overflowing valleys and boxgutters can create untold damage to the inside of your home.

Our team assists homeowners in finding the right products that will work best for their home and needs. We can make recommendations if you’re unsure what to buy. There are many highly marketed products that really aren’t worth the money and we take pride in helping our customers avoid making a costly error.

Our team has assisted thousands of families and know what products work best in different situations – we also know which highly marketed popular products barely work at all! The quality of the system will make the difference between it being a long term investment and a short term headache. Although we could give you plenty of short dubious sounding quotes about the quality of our work we think the email below beautifully encapsulates our clients response to the work we perform. Many thanks for the reference Pam, means a lot to us.



If you’d like to learn more about our leaf protection, then please contact Joe Haffer – Adelaide Roofing. We’ve been helping Australians for many years with all their roofing and gutter needs. We take pride in our work and have many excellent reviews and testimonials from past customers. We use only the best quality products and fully guarantee all services and products. Please call us today!

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