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Gutter Repairs & Replacement

Are your gutters always getting clogged? Or deteriorating and eroding from the build up of leaves and other debris?

This is a problem often experienced by Adelaide families who have trees hanging over or near the roof.
Do not use cheap plastic coils in your gutter, they are sold in most of the generic hardware outlets and are great proof that you really do get what you par for in life. Rather than keeping your guttering safe, they actually keep the leaves in your gutters and prevent the efficient flow of rainwater. You need special gutters or effective gutter protection that covers the end of the roof before the gutter and over the top of the gutter to allow the wind to work in your favour by blowing the leaves off the roof. Let The Roofing Professionals handle that for you. When we complete a gutter replacement we do it with the best materials on offer, our work in high quality and effective, that’s our promise!

A box gutter is so called because it is usually boxed into the middle or edge of the roof where it collects water and discharges it into a downpipe system. A good box gutter will have an emergency overflow so that when the downpipes block up or the capacity of the box gutter is exceeded, the backed up water can escape outside the roof area. Without an overflow, the excess water will flow back into the roof area and inside the building!

The box gutter is the weakest link and care must be taken that it is draining correctly and does not become blocked. The best decision for a box gutter is to use a better material than the roof. This usually means a colorbond or stainless steel box gutter.