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Carports, Verandahs & Patios

No matter if you want to create the perfect entertainment area, protect your house from the elements while increasing its street appeal or protect your car from the harsh Australian weather conditions, we individually design a solution that suits your needs. We can create a structure using Colorbond steel which will blend seamlessly with your current roof design while having the longevity to be a financially viable home improvement. The areas we can assist with include Verandahs, Pergolas, Carports, garages and any other customised steel framed structure.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our work and we can guarantee you that:

A Custombuilt Verandah or Carport offers quality, reliability and durability.

Our products are strong and stylish and will add elegance and value to your home.

Our quotes are detailed and costed so no nasty surprises for you when the job is done.

With over 20 years of experience we are able to custom make a structure that not only gives you the additional undercover space that you desire, it will also aesthetically blend in with your existing home.

Adelaide Carport Designs

Once you have decided to build a new carport your first step is to look at the design requirements which vary considerably depending on factors such as the size of the space in question, the height of the car, the existing roof structure and whether it will be attached to the carport. This design phase is often rushed through especially by DIY builders who later realise that the structure doesn’t fit with the existing elements of the property. A cheap kit carport may clash with your existing roof design and landscaping leaving it adding little if any value to your property. Decisions in the design process also include whether to utilise a flat roof design which although cheap, may prove ineffective if subject to heavy downfalls if we don’t consider drainage solutions. The other option may be an angled or gable roof allowing water to run off – provided that fits with the existing design of your house and that the run off will not have a negative effect on the rest of your property. Given the multitude of potential issues to be considered give our friendly team a call before you start the design process and we will help you create and install something customised to your needs that adds value to your home.

Adelaide Verandah Designs

If you are looking to rebuild your existing verandah or planning an extension to your home the first step will be to create a customised design that will work on your property. The first thing to consider is what is the main purpose for your new verandah? How many people and what sort of activities does it need to be built to accommodate? Depending on those concerns we then turn our minds to the best material to be used. This will be dependent on factors such as the style of your home, the slope of the land, drainage considerations, sun and water protection for the users. If the verandah is a certain distance above the group we will then need to consider safety concerns such as handrails which can be demanded under Australian building standards. Our staff are here to help you create and install a customised verandah that is an attractive, safe and user friendly improvement to your home.