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Replacing your Old Plastic Guttering Adelaide

The purpose of gutter and downspout systems is mainly to protect your roof and home from damage. A gutter system that is working properly will easily channel water away from your home and its foundation.

In my more than 20 years experience I have found that while PVC is a good material for downpipes and stormwater systems. However, plastic guttering cannot cope with the harsh Australian conditions and fails soon and easily.

Once this happens, your home will gradually sustain damage. Moisture and rain water get into soffits and fascias. Once this occurs, it’s very easy for mold, mildew and ‘dry-rot’ to grow. It accumulates causing more and more damage. This is a condition we’ve seen many times in older homes.

A lot of us settle into their home and forget that it needs regular maintenance. We get busy with work and the family and just forget about the gutters and roof. Even when things go wrong we often don’t notice it until we have a lot of so called ‘subsequential’ and often expensive damage. Once you notice a problem, chances are that it has developed over time and there are also underlying issues.

Faulty gutters can also lead to soil erosion and effect the basement, foundation and/or crawl spaces. These are areas where you would ideally never want to allow moisture or rainwater. Did you know that it is water that attracts termites to your home. And the damage that they do to the structure of your home can be massive.

A well functioning gutter system can take a great deal of abuse from extreme weather conditions. And South Australia is well known for its extreme storms. If you have plastic guttering on your home, it has most likely already leaked for a long time and should be replaced quickly before it causes too much damage to the underlying structure.

At Joe Haffer Roofing, we come out and inspect your old guttering and estimate the cost of replacing it. Where necessary we will completely redesign the old gutters and downpipes into a well functioning system that protects your home from the elements.

Preparing for storm season each year should include a professional inspection of your gutters. The cost of this in low when compared to the damage your home could sustain during just one big storm. We work all over the Adelaide Metropolitan area and the Adelaide Hills, so please call Joe Haffer Roofing to learn more about replacing your old plastic guttering.

Get the Best Gutter Repairs & Replacement Services by Adelaide Roofers

Gutters are essential for keeping the rainwater funneled into the right areas, but when they get clogged, it can cause some serious problems. Gutters can get clogged in many ways. Homes in the Adelaide area often have various trees around their property that drop their leaves, seeds and nuts at different times of years. These always seem to wind up in the gutters.

The best way to handle this is simply by having the gutters cleaned out annually. If you’ve been negligent about this chore, then you may need gutter repairs or replacement. Though this is one of those things we all often put off, a big rain storm might seriously damage your roof if your gutters aren’t working properly.

One thing that Adelaide homeowners often do is try to repair the gutters themselves. The average homeowner doesn’t have the correct tools to get the job done right. For some, being up on a ladder and moving around can be quite dangerous. One fall and you’re in the hospital with a broken leg. We also do not recommend using those cheap plastic coils in your gutters that are sold in most hardware stores. They prevent the efficient flow of rainwater and cause leaves to clog up more easily.

A box gutter is called this because it’s usually boxed into the middle or edge of the roof where it collects water and discharges it into a downpipe system. A good box gutter will have an emergency overflow so that when the downpipes block up or the capacity of the box gutter is exceeded, the backed up water can escape outside the roof area.

Without an overflow, the excess water will flow back into the roof area and inside the home. The box gutter is the weakest link and care must be taken that it is draining correctly and does not become blocked. The best choice for a box gutter is to use a better material than the roof. This usually means a Colorbond™ or stainless steel box gutter.

The Roofing Professionals at Joe Haffer Roofing are well equipped and experienced and we have the tools and expertise to do the job right. We use the best materials in all installations and repairs. Our work is fully guaranteed. We specialise in installing and repairing gutters and we can do a full inspection of all guttering to ensure that everything is functioning properly. We can also check for roof damage while performing our repairs.

Joe Haffer Roofing has been in business many years serving all of South Australia with excellent roofing, repairs, gutters and leaf protection systems. We have a great reputation because we do good work and stand behind all products and services. You’ll love working with true professionals who take pride in their work. Why not call us today for more info?

Asbestos Roof Conversions to Colorbond® steel

Many older homes have asbestos in their roofing. In the past, asbestos was used in many building products because it added strength and durability. When medical science realized that it could cause severe health problems, builders stopped using it in the late 70’s early 80’s. Today, asbestos is no longer used and has been outlawed in most countries. In fact, if you any have asbestos in your, we need to take great care to remove and dispose of it properly so that your family, friends and neighbors don’t wind up breathing the dangerous fibers.

Over the years, many homes and buildings with asbestos products have gradually had it removed and replaced it with other, more stable products. We, at Joe Haffer Roofing, have found one of the best materials is Colorbond® steel.  Not only is this is a durable product that offers years of solid protection, it can also be customised to give your home’s current style and colour and great facelift.

With over two decades of experience, Joe Haffer Roofing has the knowledge and expertise to safely remove asbestos roofing and replace it. We take pride in our work and give special attention to detail. From the beginning of a new job to its compAsbestos-conversion-Hawthorndene-after-small-56-768x574letion we keep our customers informed about what’s going on. We take special precautions monitoring the air around your house to ensure that asbestos fibers do not get into the air and roof cavity of your home. We safely wrap the asbestos and transport it away from your property, disposing of it according to laws and regulations.

At Joe Haffer Roofing, we pride ourselves in our attention to detail. We set ourselves apart from the completion, because for us the most important thing is to get it right for you. We give you detailed information about the work that will need to be done, provide you with a range of options that allow you to pick the ones that are most appropriate for your situation. We believe in giving our customers exceptional value for their dollar. Our goal is to blend functionality with beauty while improving the look and value of your property.

If you have an older asbestos roof that’s leaking, it’s important to hire the right crew for the job. After we safely removed and disposed your existing asbestos material, we will replace it with strong corrugated “True Oak” in Colorbond® steel.  As you are probably aware,
Colorbond® steel is available in many colors and can add beauty and value to your home. It is especially made for harsh Australian conditions. It has a durable baked-on paint finish that resists peeling and cracking even after years of use.

Colorbond® steel has excellent anti-corrosion properties, making it one of the most advanced building materials of our times. Please contact us if you have questions about removing your asbestos roof from your home. Joe will personally come to your home, make a thorough inspection and answer all your questions regarding your options and the process to carry out the work. Why not call us today to learn more about installing a Colorbond roof?

Why Roof Restorations don’t work

You see, I have been doing roofing solutions for over 20 years bu121t always to refuse to restore tiled (or metal) roofs.

Why is this?
There are several explanations:
Firstly I considered this industry to be run by cowboys and I did not want our good name to be associated with that.
Secondly I believe people do roof restorations for the wrong reasons.  I go into more detail on how a good roof restoration is carried out on the inside.
But first let me tell you what I consider to be the wrong reasons why people get their roofs restored:

1. To stop leaks.  This is probably the most common cause why people enquire about roof restorations.  They don’t want to spend the money for a new roof and hope to achieve the same result by having it restored.  Now it is true that in certain situations, if a roof restoration is carried out correctly, you can actually stop leaks.  However as a general rule of thumb, if your roof is leaking, look for the cause rather than getting it restored.  Here is an extract from an article published by the Archi Centre:  “You might consider repainting the roof for cosmetic/resale purposes, but there is no substance in the claim that this ‘waterproofs’ or extends the life of the roof.”  If you have Spanish half round tiles, you have a serious problem, because these are notorious for leaking and we have had to change a lot of such roofs over to corrugated iron roofs.  Another cause for leaks is an insufficient pitch on your roof.  This often happens on lean-to roofs that have been added at a later date.
While the situation is slightly different with metal and asbestos roofs in as much as we are often able to fix the leaks, this is really independent from the roof restoration process and could be done without repainting your roof.
2. To protect your roof and substructure.  As you can see from the Archi Centre quote, there is no evidence that you will extend the life of your roof by painting it.

So what are the right reasons?
1. To make your home look more attractive – I have always seen this as a very valid argument.  Without doubt a properly restored roof does lift the whole appearance and value of your home.  And if that is what you were after, you have painted your roof for the right reason.  But I never felt that this reason alone was good enough.
2. To cool your home down – With the development of new technologies, this suddenly becomes achievable.  Apart from significantly reducing your energy bill, you are also helping with the reduction of green house gases.  And who does not like to look after the environment while saving money at the same time.
So what changed my mind about roof restorations?  When several of our customers asked if there is a cheaper alternative (than re-roofing) to make their tired looking roofs look new again I started to investigate possible products.  And not only did I come up with a solution that I am happy to include in our range of quality products, I also found a team with over 30 years of combined experience to carry out the work to give you not only peace of mind, but to also be able to provide you with a 15 Year Guarantee.  We called this solution “NEW LOOK COOL ROOFS”.  It is a bit of a mouthful, and we may yet come up with a better name.
But what is so great about this solution?  There are many reasons that I discuss below.  For me the two most exiting reasons were the heat properties of the paint and our ability to make the roof virtually indistinguishable from a new on.
Let me tell you a bit more about the paint that gave the product the second or COOL part of its name.  There are many paints on the market that claim to be heat reducing.  But which ones really work?  For example some paints talk about using space technology with a ceramic base.  But in America, with much more stringent advertising laws, they are not allowed to promote them as such.  “The Florida Solar Energy Center has tested ceramic paints and found them to have no significant advantage over ordinary paint in terms of their ability to retard heat gains through exterior building surfaces.”
What I did was use my meticulous German nature to study various paints and their attributes.  As a result, I found a paint that meets my standards.  It reduces the roof temperature (and therefore the inside of the house) by up to 50 degrees.  And even better that it gets locally made right here in Adelaide but applied all over the world, especially in Japan, Dubai and also Europe.  And it outperforms many of the larger, well known brands.

Further investigation revealed several different ways that we can approach roof restorations and combine it with the high quality products and services that we already offer to our customers.  The reason that we included the ”NEW LOOK” part in the name is that we have created a process unlike that of normal roof restorers?  Instead of re-pointing your cappings BEFORE your roof is painted; we wait right until the end.  While this requires a little bit more care and time, it creates a small but very noticeable difference from standard restored roofs where the paint covers everything.  By installing the Flexi-Point AFTER we have painted the roof your roof will look NEW, not restored.

And the “COOL ROOF” part of our name is referring to the heat reflective properties of the paint that we use.  In my eyes this is revolutionary and I will talk about both processes much more below:


1. Pressure Cleaning the whole roof using hot water
2. Replacing rusted gutters and valleys if necessary
3. Changing all broken tiles with matching profile
4. Re-bedding ridge and hip caps with cement mortar
5. Applying an anti fungus spray to the whole roof
6. Painting primer for maximum adhesion
7. Installing base coat using Astec ‘Energy Star’ paint (reducing the roof temperature by up to 50 degrees)
8. Spraying Astec ‘Energy Star’ finish coat with ‘Dirt Guard’ strategically to the whole roof to achieve the perfect look
9. Re-pointing the ridge and hip caps using Flexi-Point to achieve the new roof look

1. Pressure Cleaning the whole roof

If you have ever done any painting before, you are aware that the quality of the final job is reliant on the preparation of the base.  You would never paint a window frame if it was dirty or had loose and flaky paint. Similar, any dirt, grime, grease, bird poo, tree sap ocleaningr any other loose materials will prevent the roof paint from properly bonding with the tiles and make proper adhesion impossible.  However it is not enough to get all this dirt and grime off the surface of the tiles.  The most vital area are the small pores that are all over the surface of the tiles.  We all know that it is hard to get paint to stick to glass because it is so smooth.  By getting the pores clean, we create little pockets where the paint can get a proper ‘foothold’.  Without using both a highly superior cleaning system and the best paint on the market, we could not issue you with a 15 year warranty on your ‘new’ roof.
It is also good to know that when we do your ‘Haffer New Look Cool Roof’ you are not contributing to damaging the environment.  Do we recycle the water that we use?  We would love to, and have investigated this method but unfortunately found it impractical for several reasons.  Instead of recycling the water, we do the next best thing.  We catch the grey water of your roof by disconnecting the downpipes and strategically distributing it through your garden.  This ensures that this precious resource does not get wasted.

2. Replacing rusted gutters and valleys

This is fairly self explanatory, but I am always amazed how often we get called to a home that just had its roof restored to replace the gutters.  The problem is that things are getting done back to front.  When we replace rusted gutters, we have to join the gutters on the corners.  When we do this, we often disturb the hip caps and need to re-bed and re-point (see below) them.  And not only are we doubling up on the labour process, it is also very hard to make this without visible signs.  So this step is essential before we proceed.  And if the valleys are rusted, it is even more important to fix them BEFORE they start leaking into your home.

3. Changing broken tiles

Now this is one of the key processes to make your roof both 12121waterproof and looking new.  Both are fairly obvious.  Brokeqwn tiles are one of the main water entry points into your home.  But often they are only chipped at the corners.  This is not a structural or leak problem, but prevents the final job from looking a million dollars.  I have seen roofs where these corners have been glued back with silicon.  While this is better than the corners being missing completely, it is still visible when the roof is finished, because paint does not adhere very well to silicon.

4. Re-bedding all hip and ridge caps

Where the different planes of your roof meet, you have either valleys, which we will not discuss here, or ridge and hip caps.  These caps need to be fixed to the tiled roof.  This is a two step process.  First the tradesperson will mix a mortar very similar to a bricklayer and ‘bed’ the caps down.  This mean he gives the caps support but leaves a gap where the cap meets the roof tile.  Later, when the mortar has set, will he go back and fill these gaps.  This process is called ‘pointing’ and is described under step 9.  Unbeknown to many customers, many roofing companies will ‘skim’ on this step as it is fairly tedious and time consuming.  While this may make the price much more attractive, it may result in your newly painted roof failing much earlier than you would have possibly expected.  I recently read a sign which said:  “You will still be able to taste the bitterness of a poorly done job, when the sweetness of a cheap price is long forgotten”

5. Applying an anti fungus spray to the whole roof

Anti fungus sprays prevent any mould spores that may still be 45residing in your tiles from spreading at a later date, compromising the adherence of the paint to the substrate.

6. Painting primer for maximum adhesion

Similar to most painting jobs, to achieve the best result, it is necessary to first use a primer/sealer to achieve the best possible adhesion.  Leaving out this step not only means that a lot more top coat is needed as it will soak into the tiles, but we also could not offer you our fantastic 15 year guarantee because the paint may blister over time.  You see, each of these nine steps is critically to achieve the optimum outcome.  Compromising just one step greatly increases the risk of future failure.

7. Installing base coat using Astec ‘Energy Star’ paint (reducing the roof temperature by up to 50 degrees)

This is where your roof starts to look new again.  But much more important are the heat reflective properties of the paint.  We have investigated a lot of paints.  For example there are paints that claim to use NASA technology to reduce the heat transfer and therefore keep your home cooler.  Interestingly enough, it is illegal to advertise this in the USA as they have much tougher laws in this regards, because there is no proven evidence.  Now Astec use a proven 56system that reflects the infra red rays back into the atmosphere thereby keeping the surface measurably cooler.  What does all this mean for you? This proven system will substantially reduce your power bill and keep your house a lot cooler in summer.  Interestingly, not only is the roof surface cooler, the air above stays much more temperate as well because the infra red rays don’t stay around.  Astec is the pinnacle in heat reflective paints and they had their paints tested by an independent research institute in the United States at a cost of $5,000 (ouch) per colour.  Armed with this, in September 2009 Astec became the only paint company in Australia that has been recognised by CodeMark™ for their energy efficient properties.  Let me tell you that it took them a lot of sweat, time and money to achieve this acknowledgement.  We use the Astec range because similar to us they back all their claims.
Now we have compared the Astec product to Dulux paints, which claim to use a similar technology.  While Dulux achieves comparitive results in the lighter colours, Astec far out performs them on the more critical darker colours.  And it is these colours where the impact is much more important.  And to top this off, you receive a 50% longer warranty period (15 years compared to 10 years).  And make sure when you compare different warranties, what they cover.  I recently saw a 10 year pro rata warranty.  Not sure exactly what it means, but it seemed to me that if something failed after 9 years you will receive a 10% discount on your initial payment.  Also warranties are often limited to the materials, meaning that you will get them replaced but you still need to find somebody to not only apply it, but first get the old and flaky paint off.  Our warranty is unconditional.  Once we accept to do your roof, you can sleep peacefully knowing that it will last a minimum of 15 years.

8. Spraying Astec ‘Energy Star’ finish coat with ‘Dirtguard’ strategically to the whole roof to achieve the perfect look

From an appearance point, this is the most critical stage, because mistakes cannot be hidden.  Because of this it is of vital importance to get this step perfect.  We have invested in a highly sophisticated spray gun that cost $8,000 to ensure that you get the best appearance possible.
On many occasions, installers are not careful enough and get ‘over-spray’ onto partially dried surfaces.  This will res57ult in unsightly colour/sheen variations.  To avoid this requires careful planning and application of the final coat.
Another aspect of getting and keeping your roof looking immaculate is the unique component that Astec have added to their product called ‘Dirtguard’.  This incredible, silicon based additive prevents dirt from sticking to the paint and keeps the reflective properties of the paint at peak performance.

9. Re-pointing the ridge and hip caps using Flexi-Point to achieve the new roof look

On a new roof, re-pointing is the last step of the installation process.  With standard tile restorations, it becomes one of the first.  So once the job is finished, the whole roof will look the same and it is immediately obvious that the roof has been re-sprayed.  By leaving the pointing to end, we have added an extra step to the process, but the stunning result is well worth the extra effort.
Traditionally pointing was also done with mortar with different coloured oxides added in to match the colour of the roof tiles.  The big disadvantage is that mortar is rigid.  Now you may not notice this, but roof structures move constantly with different weather conditions.  They shrink when it is cold and expand when it is hot.  On top of that, most roof structures are made from timber, which is still breathing.  For all these reasons tiled roofs had to be re-bedded and re-pointed in regular intervals (about every 5-10 years).  Now several years ago the whole industry was revolutionised by the introduction of a new product:  “Flexi-Point”.  This product is made from water based polymers and fillers and as the name suggests, unlike traditional and inherently brittle cement mortar it retains a significant post cure flexibility.

So now that you have read about the complete installation process, you may see that apart from replacing broken tiles and flashings as well as re-bedding and re-pointing, we cannot waterproof your tiled roof.  That is not what paint is designed to do.  It makes your home look beautiful, keeps the temperature down and the dirt away.  This is what we can achieve.  We believe if anybody tells you anything different he is either lying or does not know his facts.


PS. For the fast readers, let me recap the main advantages of the ‘New Look Cool Roofs’:
1. Hot Water Pressure Cleaning removes all residue off your roof including tree sap and old paint
2. Astec ‘Energy Star’ paint keeps your home up to 50 degrees cooler while lasting up to 4x as long
3. Astec ‘Dirtguard’ keeps your home looking new for longer
4. Re-pointing at the end of the job rather than early on makes your old roof look new, not restored

Experience the Best Roof Repairs Services in Adelaide and Hills

A leaky roof can cause a great deal of damage to the interior of your home. Sometimes we realise immediately that something is wrong because we can see the water dripping from the ceiling or running down the wall.  At other times the leak may be hidden into the roof timbers resulting in long term and expensive damage. The origins for the leaks are various, often caused by age and/or neglect, highlighted by high winds, blowing rain, and falling tree limbs and debris. A well functioning roof should protect your home for years to come without any trouble.

At Joe Haffer Roofing, not only do we offer a complete range of roof repair services, we travel to the whole Adelaide area as well as the Adelaide Hills. We use our professionalism, experience and training to ensure that you and your home receive the highest standards of workmanship plus top quality products. We’re fully licensed and insured and have over 20 years of experience.

Below, are just a few types of roof repairs that we can help you with:

  • Holy gutters
  • Broken Tiles
  • Rusted Roof Sheets
  • Insurance work
  • Storm damage
  • Falling tree limbs
  • Burglaries
  • Damage caused by previous shoddy roofers

Our initial visit will be to inspect the roof and identify the exact damage so that we can provide you with an accurate roofing solution on the repairs. However, as the biggest challenge with roof leaks is identifying its cause, we will carry out the repairs immediately, if this can be done quickly and easily during our first visit.

Joe Haffer has been in the roofing business for over 20 years. Please have a look at the long list of testimonials from happy clients that have used our services.  In fact a large number of our customers that have used our services previously keep our details so that they can easily contact us when they need additional roofing or guttering work carried out. One of the reason why so many customers come back is that we’re very transparent in our workings.  We will disclose all costs related to your repairs before we proceed. You’ll never get any surprise charges tacked onto your bill at the end of the job. If we believe that any additional work is required, we will tell you beforehand what is involved and how much it is going to cost.  That’s how we’ve stayed in business all these years, by doing excellent work for fair prices.

Our process is designed to give you all the facts up front so that you can make the best decision for your property and budget. When dealing with older tiled roofs, it can be more economical to simply upgrade to a newer product than continue to try and repair the antiquated one. We believe that property owners appreciate getting all their options presented up front so they can make the right choice for their specific situation.

If you have an old roof and just experienced a heavy storm with powerful winds and strong rain gusts, it is a good idea to have the roof inspected. Any damage that is storm related will generally covered by your insurance company. Our team of expert roofers can handle any type of repair for your residential or commercial property. We not only provide the highest quality workmanship, we also use the finest roofing materials and associated accessories.

Don’t wait until you’ve noticed moisture discolorations on your ceiling or other signs of water entry. Once this happens, it means that water has already gotten into the attic or ceiling space.  Not only can this moisture quickly develop into very unhealthy mould, it can also cause expensive structural damage to your roof timbers. Call Joe Haffer Roofing today for a complete roofing inspection and solution at no cost to you.

Real Facts About Leaf Protection

Regular maintenance is so important for your gutters. When you let them go for years, they can begin to rot, fall away from the house and collect all kinds of debris. When a rain storm hits, the water that cascades off the roof will start collecting and overflowing in the gutters. Water can be forced under the roofline and damage the roof. The heavy gutters full of debris and water will collapse.


There’s just no way to keep leaves out of a gutter unless you have some type of gutter guard. Our unique Leaf Protection system protects your gutters and ensures that they’ll be ready to go when you need them. Dirt, debris, insects and small animals won’t be able to get into them. Though your gutters will occasionally need to be cleaned, the process is simple and inexpensive and your gutters will not be affected by the usual elements.

Joe Haffer – Adelaide Roofing installs and maintains this leaf shield guard. Our high quality guttering and leaf protection system has been used all over rural South Australia and Adelaide with very good results. It has been proven to keep your gutters working properly year round and extend the life of your gutter system.

If you’re tired of battling constantly with leaves and such that clutter your gutter system, then this is a great solution. Our customised Leaf Protection system protects against 90% of the pine needles, seeds, leaves, dirt etc. that collects in your gutters. About every one to two years, you will need to flush out the gutters but the system has been designed to make this task very simple.

We’ve been in business for many years and have seen many types of gutter guards in use and our Leaf Protection System is far superior. It even protects your valleys and boxgutters, keeping them in proper working order. This is so important because overflowing valleys and boxgutters can damage the inside of your home.

If you’re ready to upgrade to a leaf guard system that really works, please call us and we’ll come out and explain the system in more detail. We can measure for a brand new guttering system if you need it and help you choose the right products for your particular situation. We take pride in helping homeowners get the products that are best for their home instead of wasting money on things they just don’t need.

Please contact Joe Haffer – Adelaide Roofing if you’d like more info about our Leaf Protection system or a whole new guttering system. We use the best products and guarantee all our work.

Why you Really Need Gutters?

Though some homeowners believe they can get by without properly installed gutters, the truth is that gutters offer a wide range of great benefits. Too much rain falling right off the roof’s edge will cause erosion in your yard. Your siding and foundation can also be affected. When you consider the cost, gutters are well worth the investment.

Gutter-Problems-46-637x515 (1)

One of the big issues that people have with gutters is that they get clogged with leaves, dirt and debris. Gutter guards are a good solution to fix this problem. The gutters will need regular maintenance but it’s very low cost. One of the big mistakes homeowners make is buying cheap plastic gutters. You’ll have much better success with a good quality product like Colorbond. This is a high quality steel product that has been coated and comes in 22 designer colors.

Colorbond gutters are durable and long-lasting. They’ll require less maintenance than other brands. With cheap plastic gutters, you’ll constantly be up on a ladder trying to repair a sagging gutter or downspout that’s come lose. Joe Haffer – Adelaide Roofing installs and maintains colorbond guttering and downspouts so they’re practically worry-free.

I think it’s also important to add that Colorbond manufactures roofing, sheds, carports and fence so you could use the same product all throughout your exterior and everything would match perfectly. This would improve your home’s value and give it a uniform look.

With the harsh weather often seen around Adelaide and wider South Australia, we always recommend top quality products for homeowners when it comes to roofing, gutters, carports and the like. Spend a little more upfront for an excellent product and you’ll eliminate many of the headaches and get dependable service for years.

If you need help selecting a type or style of gutter, we are happy to give customers the pros and cons of each style and share our experience with various products. We’ve been in the business for many years and have learned a few things during that time. For instance, the slotted profile drains better with less backflow. The halfline is a modern looking gutter that can carry a lot of water.

We install excellent guttering systems that can last for many years and we stand behind our products and services with a full warranty.  We come to your home and do the measuring so that everything fits properly. Please call us for more information about a new gutter system.

Why to Choose Adelaide Roofing For Gutter Repairs & Replacement

A home with a good, solid guttering system looks and functions much better. When storms come, the rain water is funneled away from sensitive areas and into downspouts. But gutters do take the brunt of South Australia’s harsh weather including high winds, heavy rains, and hail. It’s no wonder they need repairs from time to time.


Gutters can also get damaged from the leaves of various trees, nuts and seeds around Adelaide. Gum nuts are the worst. They can leave gutters with a sticky residue that picks up dirt and debris. Gutters can easily get weighed down by leaves that have rotted and began causing damage. And often, homeowners don’t realize this until significant damage has already been done. Sometimes the only real option is to replace the gutters.

If you’ve noticed some sagging in your gutter system or it just isn’t working properly anymore, then your gutters probably need a few repairs. The longer you leave them unattended, the more damage you’re likely to see. We recommend getting a full evaluation of the gutter system that includes recommended repairs and costs. If we believe you would be better off to replace the system, we’ll say so. This often depends on your gutter system’s age. If it’s over 8 or 10 years old, it may need replacing.

One of the main things we do at Joe Haffer Roofing is guttering. We install top quality Colorbond gutters. This is a high-end product made of stainless steel that has been coated to resist rust and damage. We design a gutter system that will give you many years of dependable service, including key elements like a box gutter with an emergency overflow. This prevents water from backing up and escaping into the roof area in those heavy rain storms.

At Joe Haffer – Adelaide Roofing, we are Roofing Professionals and have the tools, equipment and experience to install an excellent gutter system that will look and work perfectly. If you need some simple maintenance to your current gutters, we can handle that too. We’ve been around for many years and have great feedback from past customers. We work hard to ensure that everything is done to the highest standards.

As long-time members of the Adelaide community, Joe Haffer Roofing is proud to offer exceptional products and services that are fully guaranteed. We are professionals who take pride in their work. We would love to talk to you about Gutter Repairs & Replacement.

Why it is critical to clean and repair gutters of our house

If you are owner of a house then it is critical that you do regular maintenance, which can involve different jobs like gutter repairs, gutter replacement, gutter cleaning, etc. so that your home stays in good shape and doesn’t create any major headache in the future. Many home owners turn lazy when it comes to upkeep of the gutter system. This is one of the critical systems that keep your home well protected by collecting rainwater and keeping it out from your home base.

Home Gutter cleaning

You need to give equal attention to the gutter cleaning and repair services same as you give to other things like your garden, or your furniture, sofas, chairs, beds, and other household articles and equipment. For instance, if your house needs a new gutter installation and gutter cleaning you cannot afford to shirk on that. There have been instances where people didn’t care about the gutter systems and ended up wasting large sums for the gutter repair and damages.

Don’t Neglect Your Home Gutters

Although it sounds like it is a boring and tiring job that you would prefer to avoid at all costs, but when you take a hard look at it, you’ll likely realize that it’s one of the most critical jobs that can’t be skipped. And there is always an option to hire someone to do the job for you, if you feel that you cannot do it yourself. If you fail to wash the gutters regularly they are likely to get loaded with dust, branches, and other trash.

A blocked gutter system will not allow water to empty properly and that in turn will cause all kinds of damage to the gutter system itself. Due to collection of heavy trash and rainwater in the gutter, it usually gets bulged. If you continue to neglect your gutters the damage worsens and you end up spending huge sums on repair, replacement, or cleaning jobs.

You’ll detect countless damages and problems if you overlook gutter protection of your home. Some of the likely issues that can creep up are:

  • Disgusting damp patch inside your house — mainly atop the ceiling or on the wall


  • Decay in the gutter system – damage prompted by fires


  • Debris including leaves, dirt, twigs, floating in water tanks


  • Water damages caused by clogged up gutters


  • Frequent malfunctioning gutters
  • Pests nesting in the gutter – danger of infection spreading across entire house

The fact of the matter is if you fail to clean & repair the gutters of your house in time the damages that your laziness cause can lead to costly repairs afterwards. To avoid any major problem just hire a reputed gutter company in your neighborhood, and assign the gutter cleaning and repairing tasks to it. Let professionals handle the job for you to avoid all future hassles.

Freedom from all roof related problems with our services

Roofs play an important role in the safety and security of a home. They are a critical part of any structure and need ongoing maintenance. As time passes, roofs of any type change and deteriorate due to everyday weather conditions. But, Adelaide Roofing Expert is here to help you repair, maintain and when necessary restore your roof. Our skilled professionals are fully equipped to deal with metal, tiled and even asbestos ridden roofs.

Roofs are an important part of any homes. They need special attention and care so to prevent them from suffering irreparable long term damage. And, this is where Adelaide Roofing Expert perfectly fits in with its numerous services. Its timely assistance can prevent leaking roofs from collapsing. Also, its roof ventilation services allow effective circulation of internal and external air. It keeps internal environment fresh and eliminates damp and odors. This ventilation keeps internal temperature maintained during summer and winter. Due to this, families can save up to 40% on inflated electricity bills. With Adelaide roofing services, roofs remain safe and secure in any type of environment. The company is extremely efficient in the work we do. The organisation has been expanding its business in numerous areas like roof restoration, tile cleaning, carports and verandahs. Due to its expert services and commitment towards customer satisfaction, the company has become a well recognised name in the Adelaide roofing market.

The gutter replacement services are a long term solution for gutters that get blocked frequently. Through correct guttering installation, anyone can keep leaves from cluttering up their gutters. The company is a well known name in throughout South Australia and provide expert services at the most competitive price. In order to improve the appearance of roof tiles, individuals can avail themselves of the roof tile cleaning service of the company. Cleaned roof tiles will not only provide elegant look to any home but will also protect it from the health risks associated with mildew and mould. Thorough cleaning of roof tiles will also prevent the growth of mosses, lichens and fungus. Cleaning experts use heated water to remove all associated dirt from the roof surfaces. With the removal of dirt and fungus growth, chances of subsequent deterioration and water entering the home is also drastically reduced.

Our roofing services can offer a variety of solutions for different types of roofs. With timely roof repairs, Adelaide families can ensure the safety and security of their family. It further eliminates the risk of roof collapse. The roof repairs service is fully licensed and insured to avoid any mishap. They also come with a lifetime workmanship warranty. No matter what ever may be the cause of problem, experts of Adelaide roofing can find a customised solution to work in your individual circumstances. We know that no two roofs are the same.

The organisation has become a well known name among roofing companies in Adelaide due to its impressive track record of exceptional services. Through tiled roof restoration service in Adelaide, the company ensures that any crumbling roof gets a new lease of life. By filling in our online enquiry form you take the first step towards securing the safety of your home. What may seem like a minor problem can often be prevented from turning into a major problem with proper care and maintenance. Leaving minor issues to the last minute can often create a situation where additional long term damage has been caused. Remember to have your roof checked, and in the case of tiles – cleaned, at least twice a decade to enhance its life expectancy as well as its appearence.